I moved a virtual machine from one datacenter to a remote datacenter using SCP. I shut it down and from the ESX host I SCP’ed over to the new site. Then I fixed its network and since I had much more resources in the new datacenter, I gave it the virtual machine more RAM. When I powered on the virtual machine it was very slow and it is impossible to work with it, since it is very slow. Also I am getting warnings about “fault.MemorySizeNotRecommended.summary


When you migrated the virtual machine and import it to the new datacenter, the amount of RAM the virtual machine had was set as the “sched.mem.max“, thus limiting the amount of RAM. If you plan to increase the amount of RAM you want for a virtual machine to have after migration then adjust the setting either from the .vmx configuration file or from the GUI as follows:

From the .vmx confuguration file:

sched.cpu.min = “0”
sched.cpu.max = “72320”
sched.cpu.units = “mhz”
sched.cpu.shares = “normal”
sched.mem.minsize = “0”
// sched.mem.max = “1024” //change to amount of RAM you want.

sched.mem.max = “4096”
sched.mem.shares = “normal”

From the GUI:

Set the limit to what you want

Change RAM limit after migration