In this guide I will go through the process of upgrading a NetApp cluster’s Data OnTap, RLM, disk and shelf firmware in a non-disruptive manner.

The following process is for a FAS3040 cluster, but it should work on other series.

FAS3040 cluster
OS: DOT 8.0.3P2 7-mode
– DS14MK2 (both FC and SATA)
– DS4243 (both SAS and SATA)

Information gathering
Do a sysconfig -v and check for the following:

Usually when I perform an upgrade of OnTap, I take the opportunity (or it may be a requirement) to update disk and shelf firmware.
You need to get the disk, shelf and RLM/SP firmware from netapp’s site

1) Upgrade your RML/SP
Download the latest RLM/SP (4.1) from:

Check your RLM/SP version (in this case it is RLM)

Place the on the NetApp controller, under $etc/software, then:

When the system prompts you to reboot the RLM, enter y to continue.


2) Upgrade your disk firmware for all the disks that are outdated(do this the night before the DOT upgrade)
To do the disk FW upgrade on the background, check the following is enabled:

toaster> options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable

From the ‘sysconfig -v‘:
11.22: NETAPP X308_HMARK03TSSM NA01 2538.5GB (5860533168 512B/sect)
Disk X308_HMARK03TSSM with firmware NA01 needs to be upgraded to NA04

Download the latest firmware from:
Place the .LOD file under $etc/disk_fw

You will see that they will start upgrading on the background non-disruptively

3) Upgrade your shelf firmware (same day as DOT upgrade)

Download the latest firmware from:
Copy the .SFW file and the .FVF file if present to the $etc/shelf_fw and .AFW and its .FVF file to the $etc/acpp_fw directory.

4) Upgrade OnTap
Download ontap from NetApp’s site- in this case 8.1.2
Check its md5 checksum against what netapp posts on their download page to make sure you image is good.

Since we are doing a NDU(non-disruptive-upgrade), please make sure one system can handle your load

On both NetApp controllers:
Download the system files for 8.1.2 (812_q_image.tgz) from the Support Site. Be sure to download the system files that match your node model.
If you are performing a Data ONTAP NDU (or backout), you must perform this step on both nodes before performing the takeover and giveback steps.

Copy 812_q_image.tgz to $etc/software

Make sure that it is there:

Let NetApp know you are starting the NDU upgrade:

Start the upgrade (-r prevents automatic reboot)

Check the version

Now, use this opportunity to update the shelf firmware

Perform the same process on the other NetApp controller

Now that both controllers have the 8.1.2 DOT version, it is time for takeover in a NDU manner, which will reboot the controller

From controller1 (toaster)

You should wait about 10 minutes before giving back to give the clients an opportunity to stabilize.
On the other controller, you will see (after a reboot)

…After 10 minutes

Check the second controller(toaster2) to ensure that it is running 8.1.2

Wait about 10 minutes, then from toaster2 takeover toaster

You will see on toaster

Now is time to giveback services
On toaster2:

Check the controller to ensure that it is running 8.1.2

Let NetApp know you are done:

That is it, RLM, disk fw, shelf fw and DOT were upgraded in a non-disruptive manner. You can check by running ‘sysconfig -v’