For a while now, I have been playing with the Soekris SingleBoard Computers (SBCs), they are compact, low-power, low-cost, advanced communication computers based on an up to 500 Mhz 586 class processor. In this particular model 5501, I installed ubunuty JeOS, and it has been my always on computer for a while.

Boot the Soekris while connected via serial. I am using my Macbook Air and needed to get the following drives for my usb-serial cable:

Install the drivers and reboot.
Once you plug in your device you will see it under /dev

I had previously configured my soekris to have console speed of 57600 (default baud rate is 19200)

When connecting via console to a device, I usually prefer to use minicom, but you alternatives:

But in this case, because I will be using XMODEM to transfer the bios image I downloaded from Soekris I will use ‘cu’

Download the latest BIOS from soekris’ website:

Connect to the serial using ‘cu’

// It will show you the BIOS version, in this case 1.32
// If the below does not show, it is very likely that you need to set ConMute=Disabled, after pressing Ctrl+P to get to the Menu

// Enter Ctrl+P to get to the menu

// Now update the flash with the downloaded image:

// That’s it not reboot and you will see the new version