In this post I am showing how to use generate a MySQL 5 password-hash that can be used to create MySQL GRANTS using a hash instead of a password.

To use a password-hash to create GRANTs:

A good use case is the Puppet puppetlabs-mysql module to automate the MySQL environment, You can automate/define USER and GRANT creation by using the code below, but notice that it requires a password-hash instead of a password:


They recommend using mysql_password() for creating such a hash. But that means you need to have a MySQL server available.
In this post I am writing about getting those hashes using Python, I wrote a program/script to get the password-hash programatically.

The Python program/script can be found at:


# Using Command line arguments – User provided password (e.g. ‘secret’)

# Using Command line arguments – Random password with length=20 (default length=12)

# interactive mode (no arguments)